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Betty Sells Seashells- Vintage Decor for Your Home

We all want our homes to be homey.  Home is a spot that should nurture and express our creativity.  At Betty Sells Seashells,  you will find that unique piece to add to your mantle, kitchen, living room that ties it all together. Whether your home is cozy farmhouse,  french flea market, or edgy modern- it's those unique pieces that make a bold statement.   My inventory is always changing and I love to ship internationally!

 I have piles and piles of vintage lovelies just waiting to be added to the shop.  I have so much fun hunting for vintage goodies at flea markets, estate sales, and hidden little vintage shops.  I am very selective and bring to you vintage pieces that can easily be added to your modern wardrobe.  I hope that I can help you find your own unique style by adding one of a kind vintage pieces to your closet.  More to come!