Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I have moved....

Hi All,

My blog has moved.... please join me at Here.

See you there!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Happy

Yesterday was our anniversary.  We celebrated by going to our favorite sushi spot and catching a movie- such a fun night.  The past nine years have been so great.  I love this guy immensely and am the luckiest to have him in my life. This is a picture taken at our wedding, a cold rainy Friday night- the best night ever.  If I could go back and have a quick chat with that excited, shy, nervous girl in the picture.  This is what I would say.

Love is better and deeper and wider than you can imagine.
Don't spend the next few years worrying about the future.
Some goals take longer than you think, enjoy the process instead of worrying.
Save Money but splurge a little sometimes- without feeling guilty.
Be Confident.
Start painting, sewing and doing creative things regularly.
Don't rush life on, enjoy little moments.
Nine years from now you will be even more happy than you ever thought you could be.

To be honest, I should tell myself some of these things now too ;).

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Double Duty- Small Spaces

The house we live in has three bedrooms, before baby- Kev and I were lucky to each have extra space to call our own- Kevin uses his for an office and a place to keep his whiskey collection.  My space was used for crafting and Etsy.

Now that we have a little bundle, many of our rooms do double duty.  Jonas' room doubles as my Etsy picture studio (I try my best to crop the tentacles out of my pictures, ha) and I use half of his closet for my clothes.  Our dining room is now a dining room/ craft/ Etsy business center.  I feel like we are really utilizing our space better now and our home feels more happy and lived in.  A baby will do that to a space, toys and pacifiers scattered about... Even though sometimes it feels tight,  I feel really lucky to have this space and a layout that really works for us.  Now if I can only find a way to tame the clutter.... oi....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It is december and I really can't believe it- time is flying.  We have had a crazy few months around here that's for sure.  I am hoping that things will be settling down soon and that normal will feel normal again.  

On a lighter note, I am always looking for white things for our house.  I love the clean, simple look and brightness that white brings in.  I was excited to find this pretty vase to hold my farmers market blooms.  I found it at a thrift store and just love it.  Sadly, I found out too late (a few hours later) that it had an invisible break in it and water spilled out everywhere.  I still like it but have to find a new use for it.  Maybe storage of some kind....hmm storage bins...

When things get crazy I start to get the organizing bug.  When I can't control the things that life brings, I  think hmm at least I can control the pantry.  So lately, I have been making plans to organize and doing little bits here and there.   

Anyway- Happy December

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do You Coupon?

I started using coupons a few months ago.  Ok, maybe that is putting it mildly... um I have a coupon binder.  Yeah, I do... it is huge and I can barely lift it.  I wake up on Sunday so excited to open the paper and see what new coupons are waiting for me.  Knowing I would be in the hospital on a Sunday with Jonas, one of the first things I thought was who is going to buy my papers for me?  Yeah it's pretty bad.  But honestly, it has really benefitted us this year already.  I have saved quite a bit of money, our food pantry and toiletry stash are well stocked and many of the items I was able to get for fraction of the normal price and sometimes even free.

Below is the website that introduced me to couponing.

Just following the deals on this site, has saved me a lot of money.  It is really about thinking ahead, before you buy and buying things ahead of time at the lowest price.  It is a fun hobby for me, and makes a difference in our budget.  So I guess I should be proud of my bulging binder - I think it will be a few more months though before you see me in public with it- baby steps....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Love

In love with a tall little guy named Jonas... loving the first four weeks with him.  I am shocked by how much he changes everyday.  So in love.....