Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homey Home

Homes are meant to feel homey...
These are pics of our favorite apartment where we lived a few years ago.  We lived here for two years and it felt like a palace- we felt so lucky to have  a two bedroom place of our own.  I miss that place sometimes.  It is interesting to see how my design tastes have changed a lot in the last few years.

Now we own a little yellow house from the 60's that still needs quite a bit of work.  But I love it.  It has been so fun making it our own home.  Some days I would love to go back to that apartment and run away from all our looming home projects.  But renovations do give me something to dream about...okay maybe obsess about.  I have lots of pics of our renovation and decorating ideas of/ for our yellow house. Some have happened and some are still in the works.  Stay Tuned for more... Yay for Homey Homes!

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  1. For the first few years of living at our 60s fixer upper I felt this same way. I missed our apartment and how little it was and light and airy and how I had decorated way back when. It's weird to be home owners and to miss your rented place.

    I still think of that apartment and love it, when I lived there I felt like I was playing house, now I'm more of a grown up and so it all feels more real. On the one hand it's wonderful, on the other quite nostalgic.

    xx, C