Monday, December 19, 2011

A Fish Story...

Last night we had some friends over and decided to make ahi tuna as an appetizer and salmon and roasted Veg for the main.  Plan A for cooking the salmon did not work and last minute we decided to pop the salmon into the oven. The aroma wafted through the kitchen.  It was delicious at 7pm with our Red Wine and caramelized brussel sprouts.  Around 8 the fish still lingered in the air while we nibbled our berry pie and ice cream.  That sneaky fish was still around when we went to bed at 11 and when I tossed and turned at 2am.  Things were just out of control though at 6am when we pulled ourselves out of the warm covers into the cold dark.... fish filled air- eww gross!  No more cooking fish in the house wah... wah.
 Today was our first day back to work after vacation- it was a long one.  Can't wait til friday ;)

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