Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clutter, Clutter go away

I have the bug to organize- we have been a little cluttered since moving in to our rather small house.  Honestly the house is plenty big for Kev and I- but we have a lot of stuff.  Our home is older and the closet space is a little on the small side.  After moving in over a year ago and spending so many weekends renovating we kind of just went on a huge break from house related things.  We really needed a break- we just got so burnt out. 

It is time now to pick it back up again and make this place more functional.  Some things on my list:

Spend two weekends room by room purging things we no longer use.
Have a garage sale.
Sell old books to used book store.
Identify clutter control probs for each room.
Create permanent solutions.
Create an organized spot for mail/ house business.
Make an organized cleaning supply center.

I have lots of ideas actually this list could be miles long- but I will start with this and see how quickly we can get things done. 

Anyone out there have some ideas/ inspiration for one drowning in clutter??

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