Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Things

The days are already starting to get longer - Spring is coming quick.  For now, we are still in the middle of winter, well on some days anyway.   The weather has been strange this year hasn't it?  It has been a bit colder the last few days.  These are some of my favorite winter comforts.

**York the very best chocolate treat**
**Twinnings English Breakfast Tea**
**Tic Tac- the fresh maker (I eat one pack in a sitting oops)**
**Beautiful Monogrammed Mugs**
**Nivea- my favorite Lip Balm Makes lips kissable** 
**Neutrogena Hand Cream- the only cream that works for overly dry hands**
**H& lovely scarf**

If I have these little comforts the days seem a bit better.  What are some of your favorite Winter comforts?  I would love to know.

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