Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Notes on a Weekend #1

We had so much fun on our weekend adventure.  I'm going to post on it in stages to make things exciting.  It was a rainy chilly Sunday and after taking a 40 min long detour we made it to Petaluma.

Side Note: I'm really good at feeling directions "I feel like the freeway is this way" and I'm normally right. BUT I am horrible at reading google maps on our Ipad. It is an embarrassing secret that I seem to always get us lost.

We found this awesome antique store that was in an old bank from the 20's, it felt like a mobster was going to bust in at any moment and rob the place.  It was really great, complete with high ceilings, a real vault in the back with jail cell.  Here are some pics.  We were more excited about the building than the antiques. But we couldn't help spying a few fun pieces.

Fun Times Perusing.

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