Monday, March 19, 2012

Notes on a Weekend # 2

 I finally have time to write about the second part of our trip last weekend.  Kevin found this little lunch spot that was absolutely amazing right off of the bay.  It is south of Bodega Bay so on the way, we saw the cows munching on the bright green grass and fields of mustard flowers.

We got to spot, The Marshall Store, and it is an unimpressive little lunch shack from the inside that has a few lunch offerings including an assortment of oysters, and a few sandwiches.  But when we stepped out onto the teeny tiny deck and found a seat on the weather beaten wooden bench- it was instant relaxation.  Well, it was freezing except for the few minutes the sun peeped through but luckily we brought some extra clothes to bundle in, other than that it was heavenly.  Kevin ordered Bacon and Chorizo Oysters, they were beautiful- he loved them.  I ordered a smoked turkey sandwich that was seriously the best sandwich I ever had, I even had them hold the bacon and it was delightful.  The Turkey and cheese were warm layered on a crusty soft SF sourdough roll with a chipotle mayonnaise giving the perfect kick.  I have been craving this sandwich every day this week- so we will be back for sure.  For anyone in the area, you have to check it out.

Final Weekend Note Post coming soon- Sausalito.

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