Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh My Sweets

I have a sweet tooth and I do believe this baby has a sweet tooth.  I have been dreaming of cake, no really I have, I really have wonderful dreams of eating dark chocolatey velvety cake, soft luscious vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles, cake moist with strawberry filling... mmmm....and then I wake up and think of cake the rest of the day- oh my...

This week, Kev had the idea of trying some chocolate covered strawberries and while they are not cake, they are very very delicious and you can sneak in a little fruit....shh don't tell baby.  Our secret to making them extra special is the chocolate chips.  I think Guittard Chocolate Chips are the best.  They are a little more expensive but so so worth the extra few dollars.  This chocolate tastes like really thick heavenly chocolate- no waxy texture.  It is perfect for melting and actually hardens up around the berries nicely after just a few minutes in the fridge.  What semi healthy desserts help ease your cake cravings?  Anyone, please share these are desperate times....

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