Sunday, March 4, 2012

On Treasure Hunting

My shopping style is treasure hunter.  I like to dig, paw, search for that treasure that I never even knew I needed.  Malls, are ok but I much prefer the places that take a little more work to find just the perfect thing.  That is why I love Thrifting.  I often dedicate an entire day to it, and it is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday. Thrifting for an entire day does take some preparation and strategy.  Here are some of the things that help me make the most of my adventure.

1. wear a comfortable outfit, stores normally don't have AC/ or Heat so dress according to the weather.
2. I wear a small cross body purse this keeps it close at hand but does not strain my shoulder.
3. Be prepared with cash many stores do not accept credit/ debit.
4. Be sure to take a lunch break/ snack break, thrifting can easily get overwhelming breaks are good.
5. Bring a friend, thrifting is so much more fun when you have someone to share it with.
6. Always pick up a hand basket or cart, you will be sure to find something that you love.
7. As soon as you see something you like, pick it up immediately. Otherwise someone else might snatch it up while you are deciding. You can always put it back later.
8. Stroll the perimeter of the store first then go toward the middle, this will help you from missing anything.
9. Some days you will have better luck than others, if your thrifting day is a bust don't give up shop often and you will be sure to find more treasures than you really need.
8. Remember to donate some of your unwanted items ,while you are there,  to make room for your new goodies ( I always forget this one).

Just a few of my favorite finds from last year... the bunny came from one of my sister's thrifting trips.  I just love incorporating these whimsical things with the pieces I already have.  Happy Thrifting!!

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