Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am officially on Maternity Leave cocooning at home waiting for our little bean to arrive.  Tiny little clothes are washed and ready, diapers have been stockpiled and are spilling from the closet- I think we are set.  The days have been long and sweet, it is nice to move at a slower pace and take time to clean and organize our nest that has been neglected during the busy weeks of the past few months.  When I have time to clean I actually like it.  So I am taking advantage of this now, getting the house into tip top shape.  This nesting thing is pretty crazy, I cannot believe the energy I have at some points.  I can accomplish so much some days, I surprise myself.  It is hard to take the time to rest but I am trying to have a good balance.  I know I will need it.

I have quite a few things that I want to do over the next few weeks.
  • Complete a few Sewing Projects (one down, several to go)
  • Get the Shops in Order
  • Make two months of freezer meals
  • Sleep
Anyone have any tips on balancing nesting and resting while waiting for baby?

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  1. Shannon! Nest away then take a good leisurely nap. :) I want to see pics of the nursery when you have a chance. You look beautiful by the way! Alicia