Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have been spending more time with my sweet sister since I have been on leave.  It has been great to have some time together before my little bean comes.  We have been thrifting, doing some crafty things and just having a general good time.  Catherine inspires me in so many ways.  The way she has styled her home is really amazing- I get new ideas everytime I go there.  

One of my favorite things is the way she arranges flowers.  In nearly every room in her house she has a fresh arrangement to greet you.  She likes to use vintage vases, goblets and teacups which is so clever.  Maybe we will have to have her give us a lesson in a future post.  Since I have been home more, I have started buying flowers once a week to put around the house and it really does brighten up the place. I'm pretty shy when it comes to fancy arrangements so usually just buy one small bunch to practice with.

Is anyone else intimidated to arrange flowers for your home?

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