Friday, October 12, 2012

Do You Coupon?

I started using coupons a few months ago.  Ok, maybe that is putting it mildly... um I have a coupon binder.  Yeah, I do... it is huge and I can barely lift it.  I wake up on Sunday so excited to open the paper and see what new coupons are waiting for me.  Knowing I would be in the hospital on a Sunday with Jonas, one of the first things I thought was who is going to buy my papers for me?  Yeah it's pretty bad.  But honestly, it has really benefitted us this year already.  I have saved quite a bit of money, our food pantry and toiletry stash are well stocked and many of the items I was able to get for fraction of the normal price and sometimes even free.

Below is the website that introduced me to couponing.

Just following the deals on this site, has saved me a lot of money.  It is really about thinking ahead, before you buy and buying things ahead of time at the lowest price.  It is a fun hobby for me, and makes a difference in our budget.  So I guess I should be proud of my bulging binder - I think it will be a few more months though before you see me in public with it- baby steps....

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