Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Time

I love September,
Me: I just love September
Kev: Why?
Me: I love the name
Kev: laughs hysterically

Well... I do! I love the name and other things like the scent of cooler days coming and all the cozy hot cocoa sipping evenings ahead. We will actually have heat in our house this year, yay we wont turn into popsicles!

Friday I went shopping for clothes, it was close to 100 degrees but I was there trying on winter coats and Parkas and it was stifling.  I found a super cute Poncho- I love Ponchos I think this is the greatest style comeback- is that bad?  I headed for the dressing room and excitedly pulled it on and straightened it all out and looked at my reflection in the mirror - horrible!!  For one it went way down past my knees and two I was completely swallowed up by it.  I walked out of the dressing room very sad, but Im determined to find a mini version that will look fantastic.  Something like this....

Ok... maybe more like this...

Pics courtesy of Pinterest

Happy Poncho Hunting!
Love B

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