Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last year, for some reason was my year of reading.  It wasn't like it was a resolution "Im going to be more bookish" or anything- I just found myself wanting to read and so I did, several great books.  I really love to read when I find the right book for the right time in my life.  Last year, it was all about food related books, food Memoirs, cookbooks, food magazines and blogs.  Here are just a few of my Favs...

 This was my first read of the year, full of childhood food memories. Very fun read.  Recipes included. My favorite is the chocolate baguette.  Click here to check it out...Barnes and Noble


Homemade is a beautiful book by Clodagh Mckenna straight from Ireland. She makes you miss food you have never even tasted as she shares recipes from her childhood. She helps you plan the perfect menu for that picnic at the beach and also includes simple ideas for daily lunches. Click here to check it out Barnes and Noble

This book is raw and honest about the life of a chef. Really entertaining and a good glimpse into the lives that go behind restaurant kitchen doors.  Click Here to check it out Barnes and Noble

 Lucky Peach!  A newish food magazine that came out last year just packed full of fun recipes, comics and food stories, this is a great one to have on your coffee table!!  Find it at your newstand or magazine shop.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the new look...and all the great "reads".

    I still need to finish "A Homemade Life". I think it is easier to forget I even have it because I haven't really adapted to reading on the iPad.

    LOVE the blog!!!