Monday, January 30, 2012

shop, shop, shop

I have been doing a little shopping lately...
I finally feel like I know what I like, and make smart choices when I buy things.  A lot less of those, "what was I thinking" items are in my closet and that makes me happy.

Here are some tips I try to follow:
*If you put something on and you get butterflies,  buy it.
*Only buy something if you could wear it out of the store, no "skinnier me" inspiration purchases.
*If its just ok, or just not the right color- put that thing back!
*Don't buy something just because it is almost free, only buy it if you would pay full price for it.

Here are a few things I found recently, that I really love.  These nice pieces were all from Old Navy- they definitely have the Nautical theme to them- which is why I love them.  I can layer them through the rest of winter and they are perfect for spring!  Happy Shopping!!

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