Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Double Duty- Small Spaces

The house we live in has three bedrooms, before baby- Kev and I were lucky to each have extra space to call our own- Kevin uses his for an office and a place to keep his whiskey collection.  My space was used for crafting and Etsy.

Now that we have a little bundle, many of our rooms do double duty.  Jonas' room doubles as my Etsy picture studio (I try my best to crop the tentacles out of my pictures, ha) and I use half of his closet for my clothes.  Our dining room is now a dining room/ craft/ Etsy business center.  I feel like we are really utilizing our space better now and our home feels more happy and lived in.  A baby will do that to a space, toys and pacifiers scattered about... Even though sometimes it feels tight,  I feel really lucky to have this space and a layout that really works for us.  Now if I can only find a way to tame the clutter.... oi....

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