Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It is december and I really can't believe it- time is flying.  We have had a crazy few months around here that's for sure.  I am hoping that things will be settling down soon and that normal will feel normal again.  

On a lighter note, I am always looking for white things for our house.  I love the clean, simple look and brightness that white brings in.  I was excited to find this pretty vase to hold my farmers market blooms.  I found it at a thrift store and just love it.  Sadly, I found out too late (a few hours later) that it had an invisible break in it and water spilled out everywhere.  I still like it but have to find a new use for it.  Maybe storage of some kind....hmm storage bins...

When things get crazy I start to get the organizing bug.  When I can't control the things that life brings, I  think hmm at least I can control the pantry.  So lately, I have been making plans to organize and doing little bits here and there.   

Anyway- Happy December

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